My hope for Shellbell in the Moment is that by chronicling my journey through depression -the ups, the downs, the swirls, the spirals- it will help people understand that we’re not walking around with highly contagious moods. Instead I want to show people that we, who suffer from dinged up mental health, are just like everyone else, but that some days we have to try hard…or just try reaaally hard, period.  

My main focus is to help people on their own journeys by “opening” up my mind to those who want to peek in.  To show the whimsical, silly side and to show that though our brains may not be “normal” we, who suffer from a dinged up mental health, are.  I am fortunate enough to have wonderful people on my journey, and now that I am healing the parts of my life that triggered the depression that runs on both sides of my family, I want to reach out and be a hand that helps others bridge the gap between surviving and thriving.

Mental Illness, I personally believe, is a term that puts the stigma on people. Illness.  Ack. Such an ugly word really. Yes, it might be an accurate representation, but it’s an ugly word. Since I know I am going to have to manage this for the rest of my life, I have decided that I prefer the term Mental Health, because that is exactly what one is striving for, a state of good mental health. It is time to Stop/End the Stigma of Depression and it’s various branches, because there is no room for shaming when it comes to Mental Health. Let us open the dialog and talk about it, not shut it in behind locked doors.  Let’s work towards being the hand that guides and comforts and shows people who dwell in the darkness that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Here is a graphic that was sent to me, I don’t know who came up with it, but I am glad they did, because it can be a little insight into a big issue.