2020 is more than just a date…

2020 is more than just a year, it is a perfect example of finding the perfect vision for yourself and sticking to it.  Life isn’t always easy, or kind, to many, but it also doesn’t have to be horrible.  Sometimes when we’re unhappy it means our soul is not being listened to. Now, before you call it a day, hear me out.  This won’t be for everybody, but the message is, it’s just up to you to decipher my message to you in the way that feels right for your life.

Three months ago I felt lost and overwhelmed by so much void that I didn’t know where to turn. Every direction was a dark tunnel, and even the opening I couldn’t see, because I let the darkness consume me. I thought I had lost everything when I lost my job but, as it turns out, I was being handed a flashlight and all I needed to do was turn it on.  It took me awhile to figure this out, but when I did turn it on, the dark tunnels didn’t seem so terrifying.  My choices were llluminated.  I often hesitate telling people that I don’t want to sit in an office doing something I don’t love ever again, because I don’t want their negative thoughts clouding my progress, but now I realize how I handle my own situation will negate others negativity.

Do I know how I will make money once my severance is up? No, but because I am following the path I meant to be on now, I know it will be taken care of.  How do I know?  I just do.  I know, I know, it might sound like hocus pocus, in fact my dad would just call it plain weird, and yet I do l catch him listening to what I am saying like his subconscious maybe gets it, but dad on the surface worries and I don’t blame him.

I want to be on the path of healing, to help people heal themselves. I want to share my story and show people that their story is not anything to be ashamed of.  Life happens, good or bad, but what we do with the good or bad is up to us.  I had a two different childhoods, one filled with the love of my parents and family and a few friends that were truly good to me, the other a hidden childhood of abuse and secrets.  I choose to take away from that my ability to relate to people like me.  To show them that even if depression is a part of your life, you can still live a good one.  As I say, sometimes it takes more effort than other times, but we’re still “normal” people, although I tow the line of weird, because I like to keep it interesting.

I am taking courses now, not the traditional type, but non-traditional so that I can help people through their trauma’s, so I can help people overcome themselves and the things they believe define them.  I spent so many years letting the bad things define me that I missed the bigger picture.  I even let my layoff after fifteen years define me, but when I realized I am better where I am now, I realized that there was a lot of things I can put my energy towards, better and more gratifying things.  I know that some people won’t understand, but while I am a logical thinker, I have also spent a lot of time learning how to think outside of the box.  My former senior boss told me to follow my bliss and to write.  I realized my bliss isn’t just writing fiction, it’s writing things like these that might help someone and as I always say, if I touch one person, then it will all be worth it.

Do I think I can make money doing this? Heck yeah!  I am a Capricorn and a Rat (Born before the lunar new year puts me in the previous year), so I am double whammy’d resourceful.  The only person who can stop me, is me.  The only person who can stop you, is you.  If you find an obstacle, find a way around it.  Your chosen higher power put that obstacle there to either tell you, nope, or find a different way.  Not every path we choose is meant for us.  I always thought I would just be a fiction writer, turns out that is becoming more of a hobby to my writing non-fiction and trying to help people.

2020 can be the year you start your perfect vision.  Sit down, think about it. Meditate on it, if that is something you do. Journal it.  Draw it, paint it, sing it, dance it.  Even if it is just a hobby that you love, but feel you don’t have time for, you will find a way.  Just allow the ideas to come. Listen to your intuition, we all have it, some of us just utilize it better because we are learning to trust and because we stopped listening to outside influences that think they know what is best for us.

I know people who love office work and I think that is wonderful, it’s just not for me, and I am determined that if I am to be in an office, it will be doing something I love, and something I am passionate about.  I saw a Pixar short once, it was before Moana and it showed a man sitting in an office doing the same thing over and over, and one day his heart overpowered his mind and he not only worked in an office, but he started to see the other things around him.  He was still making a living, but he was also expanding his horizon with things that pleased him outside of work.   I wish I could remember what it was called, but whatever it was, he learned to live and he was earning a living.   That’s all I want for everyone, to find their joy without sacrificing their livelihood.

If you are self-employed, believe. Believe in yourself and what you can do.  Gratitude it, do all those “weird” things that people turn their backs on because they think it is a bunch of hooey.  2020 is here to create your perfect vision and it is here for the rest of the year to remind you every.single.day to create your perfect vision.

Live your bliss, follow your heart and choose the best path that YOU decide is best for you.

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