31 Days of Self-Love, Day 3

Take a selfie of yourself and find something to like about it.

This is often easier said than done, as there is always that nasty little thing called insecurity lurking within all of us but, perhaps, this is the way to ward off that unnecessary doubting voice in your head. 

Often times our insecurity comes from what we think others might think about us. For instance, we might look in the mirror in the morning and think, “okay, not too bad”, then we walk out the front door, face people and poof, that confidence flies right out of the window, even if they’re not looking at you. 

I like this task, because as we head into a new decade, I think we should leave this one better than we found it. If you have found self-love and are just doing this to maintain that balance, or are along for the ride, that’s great, because self-love is a such a big part of our own happiness.  If we can learn to love ourselves, imagine how different life might look.  Everyone is different, of course, so perspectives may vary, but self-love brings a level of confidence that allows you to pick your gaze up from the ground and see the world around you. It allows you to not feel like you have to hide from the world.

Many of us face circumstances or situations beyond out control that can affect our own self-love and the way we see ourselves, and it may even heighten ones insecurity on how we might think others perceive us, but nine times out of ten (that’s a term, not a stat), we’re wrong. If that one, out of ten is making weird eyeballs at you, that’s probably their own insecurity surfacing and they’re projecting elsewhere.  Don’t pay attention to them, the only opinion about yourself that truly matters is YOUR OWN. 

It’s important to find the love for yourself, because the world is ready for you and wants you to be a part of it, and that goes for me too.  I learn from these posts as much as I share ideas about them, so here is my challenge.  I have posted my own selfie to this blog along with the vlog, each day try to find something new to like about the picture.  Note how you feel about this selfie today and see how you feel about it by New Years Eve, or New Years Day.

Day 3: https://youtu.be/60hx77CJzVshttps://youtu.be/60hx77CJzVs

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