Be Fearless and Courageous! Body Positivity

Perhaps this doesn’t seem like it would fit with body positivity or a healthy body image, but it does. That outfit you love, but you’re worried what people might think? Or perhaps a bathing suit? Being intimate with someone. We all think we’re hiding ourselves, but the only one who can’t see us, is us.

Sometimes when I dress for just a regular day out, I tend to change my options several times, because I am afraid of “looking fat”, but the only one I seem to be fooling is me, and even then I am not, because I worry about what people will think of me. Now, too be fair, this exercise in negativity is dissipating fast, because I remind myself that no matter how much I try to hide my body, people can still see me. I am not the invisible woman, I don’t have a magic cloak that allows me to hide from the world. No, I am just me trying to live my best life while battling my own perceptions.

Circling back, when I say the negativity is dissipating fast, it is because I now try to go with my first option and remind myself, “There are people who judge out there, and there are people who just keep their eyes on their own paper, just fill your mind with self-love and go out there and be you.” When I remember to do this, I have a great day. No worries, no wondering, now self-shaming. I used to be a pro at self-shaming, but I am working on that too.

If I am having a particularly rough day trying to get into the correct mindset, I just wear something I know I am comfortable in and I don’t push myself out of that comfort zone. Sometimes, if you’re not ready, pushing yourself too hard can set you back a few paces, so consider where you are at and dress accordingly. This mindset can also be used in general situations. Don’t push yourself too hard, but also try not to isolate for too long, because that too can set you back a few paces.

I used to be my worst critic, now I am trying to be the best supporter of my life, because it is up to me to make me happy, all other happiness is a beautiful bonus.

Take care of you.

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