Blog – When it clicks…

I posted this to Facebook and felt it was something to share.  My platform is to help people not feel alone in their own journeys. 

I know a lot of people don’t understand the journey I am on. Some want to pray extra hard for me, some have unfriended me and many others have supported me, or been kind enough to not say anything at all if they don’t believe in my path, and I thank you. My thing is You do you, and let me be me.

We’re all unique individuals having our own life experience and sharing it along the way, because we know it is possible that it will help someone else, I mean that’s the main point of The Daily Vibe, I share my story so others will not feel alone in theirs.
That being said, I have very recently leveled up spiritually or as some call it, ascended. It has taken quite some time, partly because I am stubborn and tend to resist change, but as time marched on, so did my healing and my ability to let go of control and embrace the unknown, because it means growth and being able to listen to your heart and soul’s guidance.
Today after watching a match between England and Italy, I was so bummed. Normally this would make me emotionally eat and my lunch was sitting next to me, but I told Sibling, “I’m so sad I can’t eat.” When I realized what I said, I looked at her and got excited, because it was a victorious breakthrough! Many do not realize that Emotional Eating is designated as an eating disorder and it is one I have suffered from for over two decades, so being too sad to eat for the first time in a very long time was a victory! I even got a tummyache from eating past my full point, which also made me happy! IT WAS GROWTH! WHEE! My body is starting to function as it should, because my brain is getting out of the way.
Even last night I had a breakthrough. I accidentally deleted my favorite playlist. This has happened several times, but somehow I found it after a day or two of panicking and being upset, but this time I panicked for literally less than three seconds, took a deep breath and said, “well, maybe I am supposed to create a new playlist for a new path.”
I would panic in the past because I needed something to worry about, but I am changing in this ever expanding landscape that is my life. I am growing and learning that sometimes we have to let go of what does not serve us, because it only holds us back. It anchors in a place we don’t need to be, where we catch nothing, because the waters are too stagnant and barren to allow anything to live or grow in.
I share my story, because I know there are people who are not comfortable in theirs, as I was once, until someone shared their story and I no longer felt alone. Now I speak up for that person that used to be me.
For what it is worth, Sunshine on my Shoulders is playing on my apple music…for awhile when I would think of my mama, this song would play, so when I hear it, I know she is telling me she is proud of me and encouraging my path.
Please don’t give up on yourself. You may not be where you want to be, but you just might be where you are meant to be. ❤
Love & Light to all. ❤