Body Positivity!!! Celebrate!

Celebrate your success so far….

Celebrating your success doesn’t necessarily mean jump on the scale and see if you have lost X-amount of pounds. The purpose of this blog/vlog series is to motivate people to look in the mirror and love exactly who they see, whether you want to lose weight or not. My goal is to help people love who they are, in the skin they are in, and in each passing moment.

Life is hard enough without having to worry about whether or not you hate yourself, which is why I started this series. I used to hate walking by mirrors, but this card came up Friday, and I continually kept forgetting to blog about it, so I figured maybe it was meant for me to take the next few days to see how I felt about myself. That evening I went to the Jacuzzi and I didn’t worry about what others might have thought about me in my bathing suit. I wanted to relax and relax I did, not worrying about anything else.

Being body positive doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it. Truly. I know society has a variety of reasons to make people feel bad about themselves, and I don’t just mean the fat-shamers, but the skinny-shamers too. I have mentioned in the past that I was shamed when I was thin, because I didn’t like my body then, but I had my reasons. Despite those reasons, people not as small as I was could never understand why I felt the way I did, they just made me feel bad about being thin.

In a world where judging seems to be in, I think we should do our best to change people’s hearts and teach them how to build other’s up, instead of tearing them down. It’s so much easier to be kind than mean, truly. There is no guilt, or backlash in being kind. Well, sometimes there is, but too be honest, those are the people who need the extra love, because they’re so used to being bullied that their first instinct is to shield and protect themselves. Be gentle and be kind. You don’t have to keep building them up if it isn’t comfortable for you, but just try to understand and compassionate.

Until the next time, take care of you.

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