Day 10 Body Positivity

Take your power back.

Well this is called Shellbell in the Moment and it certainly was in the moment. I had considered regrouping and then reshooting the video, but as I mentioned in the vlog, it is so important for people to see that even those “preaching” positivity have their down days. My good days outnumber my bad, and I am trying to hold tight to that today.

I have been struggling more with this blog today, than I did filming the vlog, because surprisingly, for those who know me, I am at a loss for words today. I started this Shellbell in the Moment Project to help others who are trying to bridge the gap between surviving and thriving, what I didn’t expect was my own growth, and it has been like a weed.

Along with you I have been learning self-love (and making it stick after two previous blogging tries), I have been learning body positivity and body positive thinking. I have been doing my best to keep a balanced brain, as well as doing what I can to help those who have reached out to me, which, believe it or not, also helps my own growth and reminds me that this is why I am no longer in the shadows, but putting my life out there for others to see that they are not alone.

I have been trying to achieve a place in my life where I can wake up and not feel like a sack of anvils are going to be dropped on my head, which is why I did what I refer to as the “hard reset”. I want to live and experience life, not just exist in it.

Life isn’t meant to be chased or captured, it’s meant to be lived in. To exist in each moment and know that every second brings a new opportunity. I was ashamed this morning for crying and then posting that video, but now I realize this is vulnerability and it’s not a bad thing, it’s a human emotion and we all experience it, whether alone or when seeking a shoulder or an ear.

I do apologize if my thoughts are scattered, my brain is kind of in organization mode right now, but Take care of you, enjoy your day, and keep smiling, because even through the tears it can get better.

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