Day 26, 31 Days of Self-Love

Fear, doubt worry…Let It Go!

How many opportunities have you missed because you were afraid that you would fail? Doubted that you might be good enough? Or Perhaps even worried that it might not turn out well?  I’ve missed many.  I hide behind shyness, but sometimes I think the doubt in me outweighs the fear and worry. 

Doubt you say? One of the biggest reasons I keep doing these self-love videos and blogs, is because every time I do it chip away a little bit more at the terrified “child” inside of me that thinks they’re not good enough.  Even after all of this time I still struggle with this, and this is what fuels my doubt and my worry.

No one wants to fail, or fall flat on their face or be rejected, no one, but how will you know what will happen if you don’t try? How will you know if you will succeed if you don’t try? Putting that foot forward is scary, but if you look back to yesterday, staying present in the moment, or just moving through each day without looking forward or backward, can help with the anxiety of fear, doubt or worry.

When you’re in the moment, you’re not thinking about whether or not you will be rejected, if you are looking backwards and have been rejected, stop thinking about it and refocus on how many times you were accepted.  Rejection is like failure, you get back up and you figure out a new way, but you can’t figure out that new way unless you try.  Right? Right.   It’s just life guiding you.  Sometimes rejection could also mean that this was not a good situation for you.

Don’t let others words get you down either, or make you worry or doubt yourself.  Sometimes people speak from a place of unhappiness, or sometimes they’re just down right mean, but hey, keep going anyway, because those words are THEIR opinions and should have no bearing on your life, unless it is someone giving their constructive criticism, which can be good in most cases, if you are willing to listen.

Quiet the Fear, because it is just the ego telling you that you will fail, it doesn’t have your best interest at heart, it’s holding you down.  Quiet the doubt, because that is the fear talking and trying to make you think you’re not good enough. Quiet the worry, because this is the fuel that fear and doubt need to survive.  Starve the fear and the doubt, take their sunshine away and do this by believing in yourself.  Don’t look to others to make you feel good about yourself, that has to come from within, all others who do make you feel good about who you are, that should be a bonus. 

Believing comes from your heart, fear-doubt-worry are literally all in your head.  Tackle your dreams and learn to go with the flow, life doesn’t always pan out the way we expect it to, but if you learn to listen with your heart and quiet your mind, you will always find a way to be happy.

Day 26:

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