Day 27, 31 Days of Self-Love


When I first heard about affirmations, I thought how silly, people repeating phrases to themselves, but when I started, and when I remember, to use them, they can be quite powerful.  Words help shape out lives, saying, and phrases, things that you learn and carry with you.  Books are made of words strung together and look how those can draw one into its magic, so imagine, just imagine what the constant use of positive affirmations can do for you and you core being.

As we close in on day 31, I am trying to implement tools that will help the seeds we have planted grow.  Our minds, our souls, our hearts, they are gardens that need to be tended and don’t worry if you aren’t a green thumb, this garden is built from your own love, your own magic, your own miracle-gro, but that is if you stick to it.  Like any garden it can fall into shambles if not taken care of.

When you wake up in the morning start with something positive, don’t start off worrying what the day will bring, just take each moment as it comes.  When you go to bed, finish it with something positive, an affirmation, or whatever suits you best.  Just try not to go to bed worrying or angry.

I admit, I need to stay more focused and remember to start and end my day with something positive, so I will be making a point to do this as well.  When I do remember I like to start with “Today is going to be a good day.”  We all know not every single day is going to be great, so when I go to bed I just say “Thank you for a wonderful day”, when it is a good one, and if it wasn’t such a fresh day, “Thank you for a bed to sleep in and for helping me get through today.”

Affirmations in the moment can be game changers too.  So many times I have felt this poking at me that can be so irritating, and really can make my day go in the opposite direction if it is a good one but I will just say “not today [insert annoyance],  not today”, or “it’s okay, it’s just [insert issue] and this too shall pass.”

Try it out. Write some down that you come up with. Check the internet for meme’s, or Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, but let’s make a pact now to stick to it.  Positivity breeds positivity and while I am not trying to shoot rainbows up your backside, I am trying to keep you out of the dark and in the light.

Day 27:

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