Day 29, 31 Days of Self-Love

Vision Board Part 1

Just give it a chance. Vision boards aren’t just about wishes or manifestations, it’s about creating a positive mindset and putting those thoughts into action and bringing them to fruition.

I thought a vision board would be an excellent way to implement and help grow the seeds we have planted over the last 28 days. It is a constant reminder, depending on where you place it, to help one stay on the path of self-love. Even if you have already achieved it, it makes an excellent reminder.

In our busy everyday lives we can forget what it is we are trying to achieve, that’s what vision boards are also for, to remind us what we desire in our lives and to help us achieve those things.

Vision boards can be hand crafted, put together on a computer, maybe a folder on your phone. It can be a spot in your house that you see all of the time like the front door, bedroom door, etc. You can buy vision board kits too. There is no wrong way to make one, just give it a try.

Tomorrow, making the board work for you.

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