Day 30, 31 Days of Self-Love

Vision Board Part 2

The path to self-love sometimes needs a little help, this is why I love vision boards.  As I mentioned yesterday, it isn’t always about manifesting things, it’s also about reminding yourself what you are capable of and how priceless you are.  There is only one you, so doesn’t that “you” deserve to be loved and treated well?

Pinterest, Google, Youtube, all of these wonderful sources of information have ideas for you and vision boards. You can make you own, create a folder in your phone, or on your computer, use it as a screen saver, or wall paper, whatever works best for you, especially in this age of technology.

If you’re a crafting person, or have similar hobbies, make a party out of it with other friends, or just sit down with the family, or even by yourself and put things together in the way that best suits you. \

Vision boards are reminders. It’s about putting something out there and giving it to the powers that be to make it happen for you, but with a self-love vision board this is up to you.  It’s up to you to build yourself up and keep yourself on the path of self-love. Remember, as with any path, it’s a journey not a destination.  You don’t arrive at Self-Love and it just stays there, you have to work on it to keep it there.

My vision board in my vlog is almost a year old, but the side I focused on with affirmations is what I want to focus on.  The other side was filled with hopes and dreams and desires for my personal life, but the right side fits perfectly with what this particular journey is. It’s about focusing on your strengths and continually growing your self-love.

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