Day 5, 31 days to Self-Love

What is something you know is bad, but you do it anyway?

We all get caught up in bad habits, especially during the holidays when tensions can be high and the holiday spirit takes a back seat to bad behavior. Many also succumb to the endless Christmas eating opportunities that present themselves.

For me, Emotional Eating is still an occasional issue. Though it is more under control than it has ever been, I still have triggers that can send me to fill my emotional holes with food, so instead of feeling my pain, I am feeding it.

As with many bad habits, depending on the length of time you have been doing this could also affect the time it takes to completely gain control over the habit. My emotional eating used to be far worse than it is now, and for that I am grateful, but I do slip sometimes and reprimand myself, which only makes the situation worse.

If you feel like you have moved on from something and down the road it happens again, it means there is atill a trigger causing this issue to still be present. I am a big time supporter of blogging, because it gets it out of your brain/system and if you write long enough you might be able to identify the trigger. Issues can have layers, so keep going through it, until you’ve gone away from it.

I don’t judge, so you have to decide whether or not what you’re doing is bad for you. If it feels like it is something you don’t want to so anymore, then so your best to walk away from it.

The path to self-love isn’t always fun, but it is rewarding when you can identify the habits that hold you back or make you feel bad about yourself. You deserve to love yourself, so don’t feel shame, just feel proud when you manage to move forward

Day 5:

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