Day 7, 31 days of Self-Love

Write a Love Letter to yourself.

This might feel awkward, or weird when you first start, but if you are honest and forthcoming in your letter, it can also be a liberating and freeing experience.  What I do want the reader to focus on when writing their letter is the positive.  Your heart has something it wants to say to you and the brain is where negativity is generated, so let your heart speak. 

It’s okay to say wonderful things about yourself.  My letter, in a big way, turned into an apology to myself, and though unintentional, I think it is what my heart was trying to tell me.  Listen to your instincts, listen to your heart and trust it. Life doesn’t always come out the way we want it to, but when you look back and see the bad things that you have been through and how you moved beyond them, that should feel empowering.

Remember, Self-love is “regard for ones own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than a narcissistic characteristic).”  So be open with yourself, because only you will be reading this letter unless of course you choose to share it with someone. 

Life can sometimes be hard enough without us getting in our own way, so remove your blocks, write a beautiful letter to yourself and read it when you need that pick me up.  Self-love is about the good and the bad, and mostly weeding out the bad so we can experience the good with complete joy and happiness. Doubt, fear and worry? That’s the ego, aka your brain, trying to hold you back.

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