Day 8, 31 Days of Self-Love

What is something that you struggle with about yourself?

I struggle, daily, with body positivity and as I have mentioned in other blogs, I struggled with this as a plus size woman, but also has a thin person.  I have trouble seeing what others tell me they see and I have been known to live in a constant state of negativity about myself, but as I learn to go through the motions of self-love, I notice the walls start to fall away and I start to see what others say they see in me.

Whatever it is that you are struggling with about yourself, write it down and try to find ways that will help you overcome this non-acceptance of yourself or this part of yourself.  Try to keep it positive as well such as, “What can I say to myself to keep my head in a good place?”, “What compliments can I give myself that will help me build my self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Baby steps are often the best steps to take.  We didn’t just get up and run when we were babies, we tested our abilities, fell a few times and then figured it out.  Now, this doesn’t mean you will fall, but you might stumble and take a step back, if that happens, take two steps forward and remind yourself that learning to love this part of yourself that you struggle with is takes time and patience and a lot of self-love.

Day 8:

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