Day 9, 31 Days of Self-Love

What is a compliment you struggle to accept about yourself?

I do not give a compliment I don’t mean, so if you are getting one from me, it is straight from my heart and I mean it, even if I am just complimenting your bag, your hair, etc., I mean it all.  I, however, am not very good at accepting them, in fact, sometimes I will deflect with a similar compliment, instead of just saying “thank you”.

Perhaps as humans we don’t give each enough compliments, we roam through the day with our eyeballs glued to our phones, or we lose ourselves on the daily commute, or perhaps we’re so busy we forget to stop and look around to see what is around us.  I am guilty of many of these things, but over time I have tried to become more aware of my surroundings. In fact, there are days when I just like to randomly compliment someone. If they catch my eye twice, they get a compliment.  And you get one! and You get one! and You get one! haha! We could do this all day, but the problem is, we don’t.

I am learning to say Thank you, especially when it comes from a random stranger, because it means they’re aware of their surroundings, they’re aware of you and they’re aware enough to say something kind about you, or your bag, or your shoes, hair, makeup, scent, whatever it might be.  It can often catch one off guard, so when this happens, just say “thank you, I appreciate that.”  If this makes you aware of the person in your surroundings and you want to compliment them, that’s fine, but make sure you mean it. Don’t look for something to compliment, because that takes away from the moment.  I might be crazy saying that, but when I give a compliment, I just want to tell that person, “hey, I noticed. Nice job!”, but I am not expecting anything back.

Just learn to say thank you, the majority of the compliments we receive in life are someone taking notice, even if just for a moment, and that can be a wonderful feeling.  Many strangers, without knowing it, have helped shaped my day with their kindness.  I do struggle with accepting compliments in general, but as I mentioned, I am learning to get better at it, after all if I can dish it out, I should be able to take it, right? *wink*

Day 9

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