Don’t let others shame you.

Life is hard enough without feeling shamed for being too thick, too thin, too short, or I guess maybe even teased about being too tall. I watched a great post this weekend on Juggling the Jenkins and thick or thin, someone had something not nice to say about each picture she showed. I mean nothing. Obviously she picked the negative comments, but I think that was to show that some people just want to have an opinion and be a “troll” as the internet calls them.

Just try to remember though, many people shame unintentionally. Some actually feel they are coming from a good or helpful place and as I learned today from a separate incident, just try to remember that. Try to stand in there shoes and if they don’t understand your situation, don’t turn around and shame them for it, because that won’t make you feel better either.

It’s hard to get around the opinions, but take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are awesome and keep moving forward. Not everyone is going to understand, not everyone is going to try, but for those who do, or at least try, be grateful. Gratitude can do amazing things for ones brain.

Take care of you, take time to process your feelings, but don’t live there, because that doesn’t help either.