I’m Back….

I know it has been some time since my last videolog and now, you can even tell by how long my hair has grown, but I initially had some issues to work out in my head and then I realized I was still in the depths of my event, and as I was coming back to the light, a tragedy hit my family, so it knocked me back on my ass.

All excuses aside, as this is supposed to be Shellbell IN THE MOMENT, I didn’t want to post, because I needed to stay strong for my family and while it would have been a unique time to post my rollercoaster of feelings, it also wasn’t an appropriate time to do so, but here I am, back with a teeny vengeance and ready to roll once more.

Special thank you to my cousin Matt, who reminded me that I need to start posting again. He also told me that he will hound me if I stop doing them again.

So back to my unique, dinged up mental state that keeps me guessing everyday, but not as much as it used to. My brain is freaky sometimes, but I love it, because it can relate to so many other brains just like mine.