Mardi Gras Fun Facts! 3.1.22

The Aloha Perspective, Tuesday Thoughts!

Let’s start with some Gratitude!  Gratitude the Attitude!  Sometimes when we are in a dark place the last thing you want to hear is, “think positive” or “gratitude your attitude”, but that is the true test.  This morning, before I spewed out some Mardi Gras Fun facts on the TAP Live, I drew four cards from the New Orleans Oracle Deck by Fatima Mbodj.  It’s such a beautiful and colorful deck, that even as I try to find the positivity in the day, it’s hard not to smile when you see the vibrant colors.

The cards came out in this order, Gratitude, Keep Going, Awakening, Create your Own Reality…so simply put, when we show gratitude, for anything and everything, from a pen to a journal to waking up this morning, we can raise our vibe!  When we raise our vibe, it feels good right? Right. So, we want to keep that feeling going and we might gratitude more.  The higher our vibe gets, the more we seem to see clearly, and this can open our souls to Awakening.  Maybe there is something you need to reopen and heal, or maybe you’re seeing the world again, but through different, less negative, eyes but don’t be afraid if negativity pops up, give yourself a moment or two to handle it, then let it go. Don’t live there. Vent, scream, punch a punching bag, stomp your feet, throw a tantrum, but then after a few minutes let it go, don’t let it fester and grow.  Awakenings can cause some unpleasant things to come up that will need to be dealt with, then rinse and repeat…Gratitude – Keep Going – More Awakening, and as you continue this process you will find that you are growing more comfortable in a place where you can Create your own reality.  It all begins with believing in yourself, and not giving up on you.

Now, here are some fun Mardi Gras facts!

1.  Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday. I know, I know, tell you something you don’t already know.

2.  The Original Mardi Gras in America actually started in Mobile, Alabama in 1703, Fifteen years before New Orleans was founded.  Yep, you read that right, Alabama, and the town still celebrates with most of it shutting down for celebrations. (Special thank you to my friend Heather for clueing me into this one!).

3.  Mardi Gras was brought to the USA by the LeMoyne brothers of France, who had come here to protect France’s claim on Louisiana (Where New Orleans is located for those not familiar with US Geography).  They celebrated like it was 1699 – because it was, and it stuck.

4.  The Mardi Gras celebration, before becoming a global event, was an annual religious celebration that was added to the Gregorian Calendar in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII, the day before Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent).

5.  The Colorful beaded necklaces are symbolic of the celebration, but did you know that the Purple, Gold and Green colors you usually find them in actually stand for something?  Purple is for Justice, Gold is for Power and Green is for Faith.

6.  Fat Tuesday, was exactly that, the last day to be gluttonous and eat rich, fatty foods, or eat-drink-and be merry, before the Lenten season started, the season of sacrificing and fasting.  By today’s Catholic practice, you would “give up” something you love and can’t live without on Ash Wednesday for the duration of Lent and then resume said sacrifice on Easter Sunday, if you choose.

7.  Mardi Gras is actually the last day of Carnival Season which begins on twelfth night and ends the day before Lent.

8.  A tradition in New Orleans for Mardi Gras is a King Cake!  A person bakes a back with a little nativity Jesus and when the cake is served, whomever received baby Jesus in their slice is responsible for baking the cake the next year.  If you’re a baker, you’re wishing for it, if you’re not, be careful where you sink your teeth.

9. As you have probably guessed, Mardi Gras and it’s -as I am calling it now – not so fun sibling, Ash Wednesday, are moving targets on the calendar, as their appearance is dependent on what day Easter Sunday lands on.

10. I am not sure if this is still a fact, but apparently it is illegal to ride a Mardi Gras float without a mask on!  The masks were initially intended for this day to separate people from social constraints, and allow each other to move amongst one another without “your station in life” getting in the way.

Now, if you want more fun facts Google the heck out of Mardi Gras. You never know what you will find.

Party Responsibly and have a wonderful Mardi Gras!