Broken Peaces

By Shellymarie Lucas

Peace is a state of tranquility,

A calm

A mindful state,

A quiet place.

The trees may rustle

The leaves will fall,

The flowers wilt,

But it will always be there


Holding its arms out

To embrace the one who does the work.

The one who crawls through the muck,

The grime

The gross pain that comes with confusion

And Feeling lost.

The feeling of hugging death as you gasp for air,

As you reach for the sun

its warmth inviting.

Peace waits for the one who doesn’t stop until they have arrived.

Peace waits for the one who can find the light

Though blinded by the darkness that envelops them.

Peace is there, it is with you, in the darkness,

In the blind feeling of broken pieces

In the deep water that tries to drown you.

Peace is there,

It is waiting.

It holds you up,

It carries you

And one day, when ready, peace will be visible

And it will embrace your soul.