The Aloha Perspective, 12.31.21, Self-Love December.

#25.  Write yourself a thank you note!

Show yourself some gratitude!  2021 may not have been the easiest of years, but you made it through, you pushed through, you had the courage and the strength to keep moving forward even when you thought you might never get unstuck.  Forward motion is forward motion and whatever it is you accomplished, it’s a BIG THING, no matter what anyone else might say. You be the judge of your life and don’t worry about what everyone is thinking, what you believe is what matters.

If you’re still going on your journey, or even just beginning, it’s okay, even on the hard days you might want to quit, but don’t.  Instead take a break, take a deep breath, give the rest of you time to catch up. Healing doesn’t happen in a day, it is a process and some things might heal quickly, somethings might need more time so give yourself that time.  Gift yourself that time to heal it properly.

I am going to share the note to myself, just in case anyone needs a sample.  To the naked eye of others I might not look like I have accomplished a lot, but I know how far I have come this year, I see how I came full circle on a journey that I spent far too much time resisting instead of going with the flow.  The flow may feel hard, but if you don’t fight the current, you will make it through, just be patient with yourself, please don’t shame yourself, and believe you do deserve good things in life, don’t live your life by others limited beliefs, trust in you.

My Note:

Dearest Shellymarie,

                        YOU DID IT!  You came full circle!  Thank you for not quitting and for seeing the journey through even when you weren’t sure you could keep on going, or even wanted to.  Thank you for digging so deep that emotional gold was finally struck.  There is always going to be something to learn, but you made it and now it is time to celebrate, because you’ve given yourself the tools to help keep you going, even on the hard days.  Better days are arriving now, because you’re allowing the good to come into your life.  Remember, keep moving forward and no matter what, Don’t EVER quit!

                                    Love always,


Love the person you are, cherish the person you are.  You are a magical human being, an amazing human being, but truly only you can allow yourself to see that. I can tell you every day that you are amazing, but you have to allow yourself to believe it.  I get it, I struggle with this too, but once you realize that you deserve to feel good about yourself, you will start to see it become less of a struggle and more of a gift.

Allow yourself the freedom to see the beautiful human being you are, you won’t regret it, and don’t let other people’s words sway you, self-love is a wonderful gift to have and you deserve to have that love and to show yourself that love, and who knows, you might even inspire others to do the same!