The Daily Vibe, 1.7.21

Surrender you old thought patterns and step into pleasure. What does that mean? Check out the video to find out. #surrender #pleasure #signs #movingforward #hoomau #listentoyourheart #soulvibes #vibetribe #community

Image may contain: text that says 'SURRENDER Hear ye, hear ye! You are hereby being called to unclench your grip on any old thought patterns that are getting in your way. Surrender any ideas that make you feel like a victim of circumstance or which make your dream relationship seem like an impossibility. The mayor of reinvention has just arrived, and has made the following decree: "Limiting beliefs about yourself and your life are heretofore, forthwith, officially and indubitably declared... .for the birds." BONUS CARD'

Image may contain: text that says 'PLEASURE I give myself permission to feel pleasure and I let that pleasure rush into my life in a decadent display of over-the-top abundance. Then realize that pleasure has been waiting at my door for a long time. It's just that pleasure doesn't knock on doors because loud noises aren't super pleasant.'